Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to Get Wet, Tan & Party

Had a simple breakfast of nasi lemak at a Malay stall at the beach and was set for the wet world. I negotiated with Khairi of Giam Island for a deal to ferry 11 people for short boat ride, to Giam Island and snorkeling at another site for RM150. The joyful boat ride. Scream of thrill. Can you spot a crocodile's head, and a sea turtle. On the tiny and isolated island of Giam, found a dead jelly fish on the beach. Time to get wet..we see and feel sea cucumber. Time to sand blanket and the 1st try was Zuyi, then Chu Luei, Wei Xiang and Xiang Yi. Wei Loong's creation of food "Goreng Pisang wapped with Bak Quah). Had superb meals for survival in this island while waiting for the sea tide to rise for our snorkeling activity at the Snorkeling Bay. It was a fun day for everyone except for the disappointed snorkeling event, there were too many people in the water, fishes were scared off and worst of all, the sea was choppy. My RM4.80 lunch with the best sea view at this spot at Teluk Nipah.
It was a memorable sea experience at Teluk Nipah of Pulau Pangkor.

Back to Teluk Nipah and enjoying the evening breeze, was was rough (according to the local it was the worst). Kok Leong burning his calories after all the booze and food at the breezy beach of Teluk Nipah.
The wonderful BBQ dinner prepared by Seagull Beach Village Resort, everyone enjoyed the food; crabs were simple and juicy, BBQ chicken was equally delicious. Supplemented with packets of Nasi Lemak bought from the beach. A ringgit for a pack.
Followed by a short karaoke session then we celebrated my Father in laws and Evelyn' birthdays before calling off the night. This man from Birmingham, England Mr. Timothy Rayson joined us in the party. Earlier, he was alone enjoying himself with three wondeful crabs and a bottle of shiraz, my father in laws gave him a ang pow (red packet) which he found it arkward

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