Thursday, December 11, 2008

hAppY biRthDay 2 Francis Yeoh Song Min

We had a birthday bash for Francis Yeoh Song Min at Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant at Old Klang Road, located just at the traffic light junction of Old Klang Road and Taman Desa.
These are friends from the “Chew Kiew” sect who love their drinks. Jimmy & Agnes just came back from Taiwan and were in time for the dinner. With Teddy boy or rather the bachelor boy beside them, He was the highlight of the dinner. There were couple of plans to match make for Ted and hope it will succeed after the much talking…. Good luck Ted.
Our strong lady, Jan Chan and Siew Wah, couple from Kepong.
Wendy & Lee Wei Teck all the way from Kajang.
It’s time for the birthday boy to make a wish & blow at those wonderful cup cakes with his lovely wife Suat Cheng standing by all the time for him. Happy Birthday my friend, we finished 2 litres of whisky one from here and the other from here. And two bottles of wines for the ladies.
The Captain of the restaurant recommended a starter while waiting for full attendance, BBQ Tauhu with rojak sauce. Deep fried chicken wings, one too many from golfers. A four season delight. Curry fish head. Steamed Patin fish. Sweet & sour crabs. Toast with sauce from the gorgeous crab dish and this is how it should be done.....yummy yummy... One for you one for me, this one is a chocolate cake.

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