Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bad ending of a Tuesday

It was a bad Tuesday for us with news of a failure in a road inspection by the Local Authority. The inspection was to determine the correct thickness of premix laid for our road construction. Actually everybody including the Client felt that the Inspector was unreasonable and the thickness was acceptable. But being a contractor, a profession of the worst kind is always a scapegoat for the root of the problem. Mind you, we were requested to assist the client to work beyond our perimeter of work so that the overall inspection would be a success for everyone but to no avail we were blamed for the effort.
Life has to go on. Let work to achieve to obtain the necessary approval.
After a sorrow drowning session with the client at Samantha Pub, Damansara Utama I had a good dinner at home. Mum’s cooking is the best and nothing like eating at home.

Fried fish fillet & chicken.
Stewed chicken with thick soya sauce.
Nyonya assam prawns
Green peas with fish cakes.
Nothing like a bowl of maize soup.And papaya for dessert.

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