Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bright Moon Noodle @ Kuala Lumpur

Bright Moon Noodle (Yip Kwong Hor) a word or a dish I just learned at this supper. I guess the raw egg york represents the bright moon.The other dish was Hokkien fried Beehoon, the fat yellow mee has sold out. This place in Imbi for a sinful meal is Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Weng Hing. Actually this supper should not happen but it happened. On the bright side I have learned this new dish from Joey after accompanying two ladies to sight a few apartments at KLCC area. They wanted to experience not the vibrant night activities in the area but to experience the music or rather noise level affecting their negotiation works. These are some of the beautiful night scenes, seen from the apartments of Idaman Residence. If you want to buy or rent a space in this wonderful part of KLCC area. You can tinkle me for such possible association with world class properties at KLCC. I might earn some pocket money for some sinful supper again…

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