Sunday, March 22, 2009

KRPM Greensome Competition 2009

Greensome Competition at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia. This mode of play would probably be played only once a year at any one club, my partner is a 66 years old man, strong & powerful. Mr. Foong Kea Mun really loves his golf more than any other thing in the world. Mr. Foong is playing with a handicap 18 and our combined handicap is 16. At the end of the day our gross score was 95 and we can forget about winning any prizes, we would just enjoy the good lunch and get back home as early as possible (about time to clock in valuable family time). Golfers flowing in to register early in the morning and tee off time was 7.45am. Participants getting ready to play and enjoy the beautiful Sunday @ Sungai Buloh.Lim Jee Soon, a friend playing at the flight in front of us. At this difficult Par 3 where both pairs scored PAR, both my partner & me used our D]drivers to tee off. A long & difficult Par 3.These are of the many lady golfers of Rahman Putra. This species of bird is commonly seen in the club and there is one particular bird very close to a Marshal. The bird will follow him everywhere in the golf course. A strange man bird relationship....

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