Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wan Tan Mee @ Tangkak, Johor

On our way to Muar we stopped by at Tangkak hoping to taste the popular Tangkak Beef Soup. The Tangkak Beef shop has yet to be opened, too early for beef soup....
So we ended at this Kopi Tiam or also a hotel? Lok Pin Hotel.
We just followed the choices of the crowd; everyone seems to be eating Wan Tan Mee. So we ordered the same, Wan Tan Mee. The Wan Tan Mee in tangkak is different, the word is simply plain and light, no dark soya sauce, not that salty and merely plain in taste for a breakfast of Tangkak. I reckon KLites are mostly spoilt people having acquired heavier doses of salt or MSG… Truly a set of original Kopi Tiam furniture found in an old coffee shop in an old town of Malaysia and this happened to be in Tangkak. The nearby Indian Temple. A Chinese Association cum Club House opposite Lok Pin Hotel.

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