Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lunch in Muar, Johor - Assam Fish.. Otak2

Muar is popular for their Otak Otak and Assam Fish. My distant cousin brother, Tang Kah Teck (whom I have not seen him for ages since my dad passed away) took us here for lunch. This shop, Restoran Merlin is located in Taman Orkid, Muar, Johor. Assam fried squids and prawns. Assam fish. Both dishes are found to be not that "assam" at all. Another case of plain touch of taste from Johore. Maybe that is why Johore peoples do not like tangy food such as laksa assam from the north. Deep fried flat fish. The soya sauce and vinegar used here. And of course, the lovely Otak2!!! One thing unique of this place is that they used mircophones to communicate with one another (front desk - kitchen) instead of wifi PDAs.
Mr. Chua Jui Lek & Menteri Besar of Johore Mr. Ghani were here before in this Restoran Merlin for Assam Fish... The uncook fishes seen in the refrigerated box...

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