Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pak Thong Restoran, Kepong Baru

Kow Kia, is the key name in this place. In Hokkien it means puppy or Kow Chai in Cantonese. Whatever it is, the food served here is by Kow Kia and of unique characteristic. The place itself is hidden at a corner of a wet market in Kepong Baru.Pak Thong is the name of the place. See here my previous posting of Kow Kia here.
A bowl of stewed Too Kah Wan and big pork intestine, very sinful indeed but very very delicious. All for the pleasure of our taste buds but not our body.
Stir fried Kai Lan stems only the stem nothing but KaiLan stems; sliced into pieces and fried into pieces of crunchy and tasty veges. Steamed pompret fish with beehoon noodle, preserved vegetable and white Tofu. Beehoon with braised pork belly. The air-cond section of the eatery place of Pak Thong. Pak Thong is just behing Tai Thong Odean. Off Jalan Ambong, Kepong baru.

Call Kow Kia's h/p no: 016-296-8700

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