Sunday, March 15, 2009

Choong Kee (Kampar) Chicken Rice

I was destined to meet an old friend at Choong Kee (Kampar) Claypot Chicken Rice at 80, Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya. This old friend I met was Ricque Liew. Earlier, I was turned down by Irene Heow the lady boss of Choong Kee at 3.15pm for a decent meal of claypot chicken rice and was told to come back at 5.00pm when the shop re-opens.The main Actor, Irene Heow, not even the cook (husband leh at the kitchen)
Situation was such that I was able to make another attempt to come back and try the claypot chicken rice. The time was 6.30pm when we arrived at Choong Kee.
The place was already packed with customers despite it was still raining. This is when I met my old buddy Ricque. I told him it was my first time coming to Choong Kee and he said it will be a good experience for me to venture at this spot. The wait is going to be LONGGGGG Ricque warned me. He was already there for an hour and has to wait a further 30 minutes for his take away chicken rice and soup. We have a good time talking and joking with Irene. We had 2 cans of Carlsberg each before he got his food. I continued waiting with another can of beer and at last our food came at 7.45pm. A mere 1 hour 15minutes wait. Datuk Lee Chong Wei was scheduled to meet Lin Dan for the final duel at Swiss Open in an hour time, we fear we might miss the match.
Irene operates just like a performing artist at stage, at time funny and at times very fierce even to customers. This is her stance (like a Tae Kwon Do walking stance) when taking orders from customers. You have to Q to place your order through her and no other person besides her. Her memory and system she employed is even better than computer but with lots of emotion in it. The FAQ – why these people still come and patronize this place knowing the difficult, frustrating and long wait for a simple food. Why?why? People are really funny. Apparently there is better claypot chicken rice in town as I was told, so we shall see in the coming time. Call first 017-871-7739 to plan this crazy meal and avoid unnecessary stress. The food taste good but not when you do not have TIME to wait.

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Design...Point said...

ya ya..i agreed with u...To fact, Irene is the director of the show...i really amaze with her..

This is my favourite claypot chicken rice..the chicken is just "smooth", also, the black source just really blend in so well with the it!

Usually, b4 i go..will call up and make order first..(so that don't need to wait that long)...

nice it!