Friday, March 06, 2009

Tsun Jin High School - de Tough gets Going

The Project has taken off quite satisfactorily with part of the completed portion handed over to the school for their usage. From the Directors of the School, the Headmaster, the Project Consultants and the Builders have all work diligently together for this marvelous project in the name of Tsun Jin High School.
The Directors of the School not only contributed in donation but also their knowledge and advice for a smooth contract administration and ensure completion of this project.
Here you can see the Directors advising and solving problems on the site, way to go my man….
This is a photo of our weekly Project Meeting held at the School's conference room. There are a lot of technical matters to resolve and this is de place. The Headmaster in action…
The Director Mr. K.B. Chua on the left; the man in charge of the design, Architect Professor Hew (middle) and the Structural & Civil Engineer Ir. K.W. Wong (on the right). Like they say, God’s willing, everything will be completed by the third quarter of the year.
A little bit of History of the School seen as posters on the wall at the school….The last pour of concrete on the ground of this school project which sealed off the old playing field of the school.. Image of the work progress of the Multipurpose Hall.

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