Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Assam Pedas (Malay Style) @ Jalan Jonid, Muar

My good friend Rozani brought me here and was told by him that this is one of the best Assam Pedas in Muar. It is located at Jalan Jonid (near a 9 hole Golf course) and the shop is named after the road “JJ”. True enough as it approaches lunch hour, the crowd starts to get busier and busier.

My first try of “Botok Botok, a ” steam fish wrapped in banana leave with grated coconut, spices and tapioca leaves and it’s simply delicious.

Botok botok a traditional Johore dish....

Deep fried prawns fresh, tasty and succulent.

This is our choice of the day, a Red Snapper’s head. The fish is fresh and assam pedas is delicious.

These are the various Assam Pedas dishes of different type of fishes.

A pot of Assam Pedas Tenggiri.

Including a pot of Assam Pedas 100% fish eggs.

Poached cockles (kerang rebus) with their special sauce

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