Thursday, July 09, 2009

Back to Memory Lane Tunku Abdul Rahman College

It was a memory lane for me as I was invited to attend an opening of a new pool outlet at Taman Bunga Raya, Kuala Lumpur. This is the place where I have spent almost 4 years here during my years in Tunku Abdul Rahaman College.
And tonight I was here again to feel and recollect the good old times during my college days, the place is so vibrant now with so many people hanging around the single row of shop houses.

So many cyber cafes and so many eatery shops or stalls besides the couple of stationery shops.

This stall attracted me because it was crowded with people, patrons queuing for the nasi lemak and the Bukit Mertajam Char Koay Teow.

There are at least 4 woks busy frying Koay Teow for the long queue.....

Instead of spending time in my friend new outlet I sneaked out for a separate time to have a feel of the student’s atmosphere, joined in a queue for a plate of Nasi Lemak with goreng ayam & goreng telor.
The food was delicious, fresh & warm.

Damn bloody good business I can tell you. When I left my friend’s place there were still people queuing for food @ 10.00pm my goodness what a lively place at this corner of Taman Bunga Raya. By the way this place is called Mali's Corner.
Calling all ex-TARC students, go pay a visit to your old college for a change in your daily live routines.... I bet you will feel good when you are there.

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