Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yee Sang Fatt Seafood Restaurant, Setapak

It was a Friday night a group of buddies from KGT went for a new food adventure at a wooden shed @ Jalan Perusahaan Ringan Setapak. It was a truly satisfying dinner. KL Wong sponsored a bottle of Single Malt Scot Whiskey “Highland Park”. The Scot Whiskey was also a truly good whiskey.
Steamed “Song” fish head was everyone’s favourite. Everyone enjoyed it, very delicious.....

Four Heavenly Kings Veggies, a mixture of long bean, petai, angle bean and lady finger stir fried with sambal belacan.

Curry wild boar was a let down, the meat was still tough could be better if it were to allowed to cook a bit longer.

Steamed La La was also very tasty it would be fantastic if the shells were to be bigger in size. The soup was not only wonderful it was also powerful, my friends…

Frog meat stir fried with spring onion was as good as the others.
Besides these dishes we ordered a deep fried "Mah Yeaw Yee" served with finely shredded fried ginger and soya sauce. It went very well with the whiskey. And also a deep fried calamaries coated with salted eggs. Sorry I did not take photos of these..

I got to upload an image of this place so that you will get the right place as there are another 2 stalls of Tai Chow nearby.
I met one Adrian who came to our table and check with me whether I'm hApPy HaPpY. Thanks again, Adrian for visiting my blog.

Yee Sang Fatt Seafood Restaurant
No.456, jalan Klang gate
Off Jalan Perusahaan Ringan
Setapak, Kuala Lumopur
tel: 012-255-3990
Approximate GPS coordinates : 3.197249,101.71738

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