Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday Crave for Malaysian Durian....

Today I was craving for durian but there was nobody to accompany me for such adventure as my family members were either not feeling too well for such ‘heaty’ food or do not like durian at all. After accompanying them for their lunch and after having 2 beers I went alone to SS2 for the mission.
The place was crowded with people and was glad to know that there were also a lot of people like me craving for durian. There are 3 sellers at this place and all 3 were crowded with customers.
The Chief at Donald’s keep on explaining to customers that the “RM10 Eat all you Can” is only a charity work and it’s only available during weekdays. Weekend is real business time!!!!

I asked for 1 to start off at Donald's and the Chief gave me this. It was a small fruit but very delicious and it was RM12.00 for the uncompleted satisfaction.

Feeling unsatisfied, I requested for another one and the Chief gave me this. Again, it was a small fruit with only 2 seeds in it for RM11.00. Pricey isn't it? But I tell you it was satisfaction that matters.

This is the Dot com durian stall…. visit their site

The end stall filled with durian lovers on a Sunday Afternoon...


thenomadGourmand said...

only weekends??
ehh..! feel cheated! they should hv been clearer on tht!
Wit h tht banner one would think its all week long! cis!
My fren who went on a weekday told me yest that she paid RM15, cos RM10 only gives u low quality durians. ?????

So the boss there will recom RM15 one.. well. in the end she took the RM15 "offer". Glad anyhow she managed to fix her durian fix ;)

hApPy HaPpY said...

Hi thenomadGourmand,
not only you felt cheated I think most of us. I guess that is the way they attract customers and that the way Malaysian do business.
The durian sellers think that P.J. peoples are all rich people... so can slaughter leh...

Alan Tan said...

I still prefer the stall at Setapak Jaya beside the lake !

hApPy HaPpY said...

Yes Alan,
I totally agree with you. Let enjoy our durian there. Yes! Setapak

Daphne said...

Nice photo shoots, why not upload them to too?