Monday, July 06, 2009

Breakfast @ Immpian Riah, Lorong 51A/235A Petaling Jaya

1st service @ Mazda Service Center Jalan 222 PJ has somehow resulted me here @ this vicinity for a breakfast while waiting for the car to be ready.

This Restoran Immpian Riah is 2 doors away from the famous Kampong Baiduri Nasi Kandar located at a quiet hide out amidst an old development of Petaling Jaya (Section 51).

I have a previous posting of this Kampong Baiduri outlet here.

My RM3.50 breakfast of a plate of Nasi Putih (plain rice) with sambal kerang & kacang panjang and 2 delicious & bouncy squids done de Malay style was fantastic. Well, you got to do a little bit of walking for your food.

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