Monday, July 27, 2009

Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Chow Kee - Bandar Menjalara

It has been a while I have not visited my favourite Teochew noodle shop at Bandar Menjalara for breakfast. Today I have decided to visit Chow Kee and this time for a Pork Noodle.
This particular order comes with an egg in it, I love egg. I always like to patronize this shop because of their generosity of giving more veggie. The soup is plain and clear but tasty with no sign of excessive MSG.
The lady boss informed me that they will be selling Beef Noodle soon starting from 1st August 2009. We shall take the challenge to savour her beef noodle or soup and according to her it will be of Penang style.

We shall see……
My previous posting of this place can be seen here..


New Kid on the Blog said...

ya, could see that very generous!

allie said...

I like more vege and egg too! :) That bowl of noodle looks good :)