Friday, July 31, 2009

Sri Lankan Crabs @ Stadium Negara Restaurant

Thank God it’s Friday and a great dinner at Restoran Stadium Negara. The sky was still bright but we were ready for our dinner. A view of Petronas Twin Towers from where I was seated.

The night creeps in as we dine and wine…........

The 2 big and juicy Sri Lankan crabs were full of roe and the scent of BBQ was good. I love eating this.

This dish was definitely the highlight of the night…
A night full of cholesterol intake but we just could not resist the nice BBQ chicken wings, calamari and the balitong. Eat first worry later.

The bottle of whiskey has to be finished before anyone can leave the table.

The final dish was a plate of perfect fried rice…

At last the bottle was fully consumed and we said goodbye to Petronas Twin Towers.
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