Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tien Tien Lai Restaurant @ Taman Ayer Panas K.L.

This is another “Tai Chow” in Setapak area which has been operating here for a long time. I remember during the late 70’s as a student surviving on a tight allowance would order a mixed veggie “chop chow” and a bowl of plain rice instead of the usual routine economy rice “chop fun” commonly available in most coffee shops. This is how I pampered myself in the early years and it was only possible once in a blue moon and not an every day affair (just like the name of the stall “Tien Tien Lai” which means “come everyday”)

“Mui Choy Kau York” was delicious except for the dark colour appearance, possibly an overnight dish..

The unique characteristic of this Tien Tien Lai is this steamed rice in aluminum bowl.

The deep fried fish “wan yee lum” passed the mark except for the over fried of the exterior part of the fish which makes it not so appealing. Maybe it due to the cooking oil which has been re used too many time.

Stir fried veggies a little bit oily.

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