Monday, July 20, 2009

Chapati Near Tawakal Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Chapati for a Monday breakfast at Restoran Santa Sweet House was a good choice indeed. This is my re-visit to this shop after a long time. Malaysia has a wide range of foods to choose and of so many ethnic foods; indeed we are fortunate people in this part of the world. So don’t complain so much just enjoy your lives here.

But for the same order I had previously on 13 September 2007 the price has went up by 25% (from RM4.00 to RM5.00). Our incomes don’t seem to increase just like the food prices therefore we should eat more chapatti or roti canai especially during this economic crisis.

As mentioned previously, this shop is located at Jalan Sarikei (Off Jalan Pahang), Setapak Kuala Lumpur. To view previous posting of this shop please click here.

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