Monday, December 28, 2009

4 Biru - Sultan Badlishah School, Kulim, Kedah

4 Biru (1974) – The year where student whom have finished their Lower Certificate of Education examination (Form 3) would come to Sultan Badlishah School, Kulim for Science stream classes. The only school in southern region of Kedah would provide such classes and an opportunity for us to meet new friends. Friends from SM Kulim, St Anne’s Convent, St Patrick’s, Chio Min, SM Padang Serai, Serdang, etc etc… The other 2 classes were 4 Merah and 4 Science.

It was also an exciting year for me as it was my first time in a co education class, before that it was like a Shaolin Monastery school, boys boys and boys all the way…..

And this the Class of ’74 of 4 Biru, let’s get the names right (should there be any mistake please let me know, I will correct it and my apology in advance).
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Back Row (from Left) – Ambrose Chin (Sabahan), Ho Tick Choong, Sobri Yahaya (spelling ok?), Ong Tiek Hwa, Jimmy Kho Poh Tee, Yeoh Cheang Tiek, Lim Hooi Min, Diong Ka Deng, Sin Tai Lim, Leong Sum Yee, Tan Kean Hooi, Goh Lean Choon, Lai …( from Padang Serai), Lim Song ??, Ooi Soo Keat, Prof Madya Dr. Amzi Sarriff, Bal Dev ?, late Tang Kim Bah, Dr. Abdul Aziz, Anthony Nathan.

Middle Row (from left) – Ronald Koh Wah Heng, Loo Sheng Look,????, Chen Yen Ling, Ooi Phaik Siew, Ong Soo Eng?, Indian Girl??, Ng Eng Choon, Indian Girl ???, Tang Choon Huah
, Khoo Ah Choo, Aishah, Noor something, Wong Sooi Chan, Low Lai Yoong, Pramavathy, Leong Peh Kay.

Sitting Front row (from left) – Kim Boey?, Yeoh Liew Kee, Mr. Lee Weng Seng, Malay Teacher??, Mr. Chiam (HM), Mr. P.S. Rou, Allahyaham Megat Junid, Mr. the?, Miss Teoh, Indian Teacher, Wong Ping Ling.

Please help me to complete the missing names. Thank you.

The autograph found at the back of this photo of mine.


Faizul said...

Hi TaiLim,

Between 71 and 74 not many years, but suprising only Mr.Rou I know.

Pingling said...

Hi Tai Lim

Interesting, you've dug out some of our old photos. Well, let me fill in some of the gaps on the the Form 4 Biru classmates/teachers for you ........1) after Yeoh Cheang Teik is Lim Hooi Min 2) after Tan Kean Hooi is Goh Lean Choon (he now opens quite a big plastic wear, crockery shop in Tmn Selasih, Kulim) 3) Second row: in between the two Indian girls is Ng Sock Eng (I think?) 4) after the Indian girl is Tang Choon Huah 5) followed by Khoo Ah Choo 6) Front Row; the teacher is Mr lee Weng Seng 7) while the Malay teacher was our Senior Assistant who subsequently jointed UMNO. That's all I can remember now ...... OLD Age, you know! Ha! Ha! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! From Ping Ling.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Faizul - Thank you for trying - Happay New Year to you.

Ping Ling - A million thanks to your effort, I have just updated the posting.Your memory is still good. Happy New Year.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Thanks to Dr. Abdul Aziz for a few names he gave. Happy New Year