Thursday, December 24, 2009

Restoran Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh has a few branches all over Klang Valley, they have it in Berkeley Garden (Klang), Centro Mall (Klang), Puchong, Pavillion KL and 1 Utama (Petaling Jaya).

I have the chance to try it at 1 Utama, somewhere near and beneath the road between the 2 wings. It is an interesting location especially if you were to sit outside the outlet. A Mamak corner is nearby and exactly underneath the said road.

Some terms of BKT in Hokkien which might help you to order what you desire, many a time we do not know how to describe what we want, these might be a help:-

Sum Chan Bak” is the belly where partly is fat and partly is meat.

Ka Wan” is where you will find part ligament/cartilage, meat, fat & skin together.

This is “Pai Kut” or the rib.
Also available are “Siu Kut” small bone and “Luan Kut” or soft bone. There are so many types of Bak Kut in BKT.

And intestine is called “Teng”.

Tua Kut” or Big Bone or Knuckle.

"Yu Mark" - poached veggie with oyster sauce.
Pao Xiang BKT is quite stingy on the soup refill but taste wise it’s pretty good. Eat like the Klang people, use plate, fork and spoon even though they do have chopsticks here.

Pao Xiang BKT
Lower Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre.
Petaling Jaya


foodbin said...

for BKT i like luan kut or pui kut.

Sin Tai Lim said...

I like the "kut" that is long and protruding out of the bowl, it always looks special and majestic. hahahaha.... said...

Hi Sin Tai Lim,
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