Friday, December 25, 2009

Yo! Sushi @ Pavillion KL

Having food in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur is quite fun, the atmosphere is always lively and exciting with so many people at the “makan level”, especially during the weekends and festive seasons.

Yo! Sushi is an international chain besides Pavillion, there is another one in The Gardens @ Mid Valley.

The service at Pavillion is not up to its expectation, could have been better with some minor improvement, Overall, it is still a place for such Japanese food. Yo! Sushi….neh.

Inari sushi – sweet pressed tofu held with a nori band & BBQ & glazed eel sushi with a nori band.

Firecracker rice – chicken - Spicy sushi rice with vegetables & Assorted sashimi (below expectation, the fish not so fresh, the meat was soft).

Firecracker rice – seafood with vegetables (good) & Unagi Kabayaki – grilled unagi with sweet brown sauce.

Beef Teriyaki - Grilled beef in a sweet, sticky soy based sauce & Prawn Katsu - Crispy fried prawns in Japanese bread crumbs, with a fruity sauce.

Edamame & Chicken Katsu - Crispy fried chicken in Japanese bread crumbs, with a fruity sauce.

Beef Yakitori - Char-grilled beef skewers with a soy-mirin glaze & Prawn Tempura.

Beef Ramen (very delicious, the soup tastes like prawn mee soup) & Chicken Teriyaki -Grilled chicken in a sweet, sticky soy based sauce.

Warm Sake – Ozeki Nomo Nomo Tokkuri and Ice Cream (green tea & sesame flavour) with Red Bean topping was smooth and delicious.

Yo! SushiLot 1.18A Level 1
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit BintangTel: 03-2148-8588


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Japanese food, my favourite!!!

thenomadGourmand said...

THe food is quite pricy right? I thot Ichiban Boshi was better but its been a while since i went..

My Taste Heaven said...

i just went there.

~Merry Christmas~

Sin Tai Lim said...

somewhere in Singapore - how's holiday?

thenomadGourmand - okay okay have it once a while...

My Taste Heaven - just visited your blog, well done & Happy Holidays.