Saturday, December 19, 2009

KIP Seafood Noodle House @ Taman KIP Sri Damansara

A simple birthday dinner for Francis Yeoh @ KIP Seafood Noodle House, he is now 57 strong & healthy and I would like to wish him “HaPpY BiRthDaY” and many more years to come.

This is the place where we had our dinner @ Taman KIP, Sri Damansara, a good place. The proprietor, Mr. Lim or rather commonly known as Ah Lam does all the special dishes which he has acquired over the years overseas and is back venturing on his own food business.

Deep fried pork belly a good appetizer for a start.

This was a guessing game for those who do not know what this curry flavoured dish is. Some said it was clam! Actually, it was chicken feet padding! It really tasted like some kind of sea clam.
A signature dish of Ah Lam, Steamed fish head with kow yoke (home made braised pork belly). The pork belly was delicious and first to finished instead of the fish head.

Bitter gourd fried with roast pork a common dish but it was delicious.

This was a very gorgeous braised pork ribs and belly. The meat was as soft as those found in canned meat from China, but no it was prepared by Ah Lam.

Too much meat on the table as some of us have complained, so a plate of Chinese cabbage simply fried with seaweed and it was really yummy.

Chicken meat fried with black fungus, another lovely dish.

Another attractive creation by Ah Lam, stir fried brinjal with sweet potato leaves with big anchovies topping. Not only looks good it tastes as good..

Another veggie on the dining table, bitter gourd again but a simple stir fried with black fungus.
It was time for some carbohydrate, to fill up any more empty space in the stomach. This fried Beehoon was fantastic, in fact it is Ah Lam’s popular fried Beehoon.

Same kind of fried carbohydrate but this time it was rice.

This is one of the many good whiskies of the night.

KIP Seafood Noodle House (shifted)31, Jalan KIP 1,
Taman KIPSri Damansara,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-290 7699 or 016-222 9766 (Ah Lam Chef cum Boss)
Business hours: 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm (Mondays to Saturdays),
5pm to 10pm (Sundays and public holidays).
GPS : 3.207048, 101.606466


foodbin said...

that was a great way to cooked chicken feet padding.

Anonymous said...

woots so much porky. hehe~

Sin Tai Lim said...

foodbin - one dish i would not like to try especially knowing it is feet pads of chicken

jg - I got to learn the art of ordering food. i tend to over order too many pork dishes every time...must monitor it the next time.