Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pearl Blossom Restaurant @ Platinum Walk, Setapak, KL

Platinum Walk is generally comprises of 2 blocks of building, the Front block & the Back block. The Front block is vibrant but not the Back block, hopefully in time to come, the Back block will flourish, if not I really pity the buyers of these properties.

I have been to Mali’s Corner @ the Front block for Char Koay Teow "de basah" version and now I am here again in Platinum Walk for a “Tai Chow”.
Pearl Blossom Restaurant is strategically located at the Front block with very good exposure and it has successfully attracted me to visit it.

Braised duck & egg was of average grade only.
Steamed red Jenahak fish with assam sauce, could have been better if it was served warm and steamy

This was a promotional Tofu (RM6.80) – with blanched Pok Choy and oyster sauce topping. What do you expect for a dish of 6.80?

Kailan Veggie fried with Tow Foo Kan – I enjoyed this this dish.
The foods were all served at the same time, some of the dishes could have been cold. I would prefer it to be served dish by dish as we can slowly enjoy the food and the drinks.

Pearl Blossom Restaurant
2-G, Platinum Walk
No.2 Jalan Langkawi
Setapak. Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4149-9798

GPS : 3.206992,101.718963


thenomadGourmand said...

eh..tai chow is fried on the spot no?
Hw come cold one??

foodbin said...

i think when Parkson open the back shops will be better.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy New Year to u and your family!!!

Nicholas said...

Hi, I would like to wish you and your family a Happy, Prosperous, and most of all Healthy New Year!!!
May you be bless with wealth and joy.

Sin Tai Lim said...

thenomadGourmand - some dishes might be ready but left in the kitchen waiting for the rest of the dishes to be ready before serving (my guess).

foodbin - it would be GREAT if an Anchor Tenant were to be housed there but I think it is difficult as the tenant has to deal with so many lot owners.

Somewhere in Singapore - Same to you and 2010 will be a Great Year.

Nicholas - Same to you, Happy 2010.