Thursday, March 04, 2010

Breakfast @ Mui Soon Cafe, Muar

I was introduced to this old Hainanese coffee shop at Jalan Petri, Muar for a breakfast and especially for its Curry Chicken Noodle. But I opted for a Curry Laksa noodle after seeing so many attractive poached chickens at the servery counter.

The Curry Laksa would be great if served with “see ham” cockles. I had a double helping on the chili paste, the curry tasted delicious, and the chicken meat was also yummy. No bad indeed.

Lee Keong Hwa tried the other type. Well, there is a different between these two; Curry Laksa comes with poached chicken whereas the other comes with curry chicken. Just look at the these pictures you will know what I am trying to tell you.

I was told that the Fruit cake made by them is also delicious. This was just taken out from the oven and about to be sliced into pieces for sale.

Mui Soon Café sells a number of interesting dishes including Hainanese Chicken Rice. The signages seen in the shop would tell that this is an old Hainanese coffee shop and it is located opposite a Taxi Station next to Traders Hotel.
Kedai Kopi Mui Soon
4, Jalan Petri,
84000 Muar,
Tel: 06-951 4055

GPS : 2.047565,102.554251


PeckWm said...

Looks GREAT la the food...Tasty!
Dislike fruit cake..LoL

Sin Tai Lim said...

If happen to be in Muar probably you can visit this shop. Good food.