Monday, March 08, 2010

Breakfast on the Eve of CNY @ Restoran Kam Ling, Kampar

It was an early morning drive from Kuala Lumpur to Penang for a Chinese New Year celebration and a stop over at Kampar for breakfast at Restoran Kam Ling. Most of my “passengers” were still asleep when we arrived at Kam Ling.

The situation at Kam Ling was a bit stressful, service was bad, the staff was seem to be boycotting work, and most of the food has either sold off or not for sale for the day. Probably it was the eve of CNY and the staff has yet to receive their bonus or either they were already in a holiday mood. Mind you some of the staff is of Indian origin and yet they behave just like those going to celebrate CNY.

On the other corner business was busy, the take away counter was packed with people queuing to “ta pau” food like egg tarts, Dim Sum, Curry Chicken breads, Yee Sang and other “Peang” or pastries.

The “Char Siew Pau” man at the front of the shop was equally busy too there were people queuing for the steamed dumplings; Business was so good that food was finishing fast.

And if you are waiting for food to be served at your table by the waitresses than it’s good luck. I hope Kam Ling scenario of this sort only happened once a year.

Our meal of limited dim sum was not the top of everything but we survived and enjoyed some of Kam Ling’s Dim Sum in Kampar.
Kam Ling Restaurant
107 Jalan Idris,
Kampar, Perak,
31900, Malaysia
Tel: 605-4661174

GPS : 4.312687,101.152297


SimpleGirl said...

confirm this will only happend during holiday season...but KamLing food is really so so only...but I love their "lou sang"...service is super bad haha

Unknown said...

Bad service really? I went for the egg tarts once, but the aunty attending to me was very nice anyway.

Heard that they make better curry chicken bread than Yau Kee.

Tailim said...

SimpleGirl - a good experience for us.

J2Kfm - Will try their curry chicken bread the next round.