Monday, March 29, 2010

Day One in Phuket...& the jOurney Continues

Here we come, P H U K E T......

And safely we were at Phuket International Airport.

We were ready to challenge the golf courses of Phuket but not on the 1st day.

The Yellow Shirts and the Red Shirts were in confrontation in Bangkok but not in Phuket, it was peaceful. Our stomachs were growling for food we want food before we reach our hotel.
Let the food adventure begins on the 1st day in Phuket and we were at this Phuket Fish Ball Stall.

This is the menu seen at the wall of the shop.

A standard serivce of a bowl of Fish ball Noodle. It his only a small portion of noodle in the bowl.
The bowl of fish ball noodle added with dried fish skin. Something likes the keropok or crackers interesting and edible.

Out of curiosity and “Tham Jiak” we went over to the shop opposite the road for further adventure and we found beef & pork soup sold there. These are the interesting ingredients on the severy counter.....

We sampled both their food and found it to be satisfying.

Bye bye to Mr. Beef Man and off we went to check in to our temporary accommodation at Patong.


J2Kfm said...

Thai people makes the best noodles huh? Spicy, tangy, with a kick.

Sin Tai Lim said...

J2Kfm - sure sure & great taste