Thursday, September 13, 2007

Famous Chapati Shop @ Jalan Sarikei, Kuala Lumpur

After blogging early this morning in the house and on the way to Naza Workshop along Jalan Pahang, I decided to "break my fast" at a sikh shop famous for their chapati. The name of this shop is called “Restoran Santa Sweet House”. It is located behind Tawakal Hospital along Jalan Pahang. Very popular place among chapati lovers or the sikh community. I believe if you just mention this famous chapati shop to any sikhs in town, they will acknowledge the fact and would further recommend similar good chapati shop in and around KL, such as the one behind Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (this particular one, you have to enter from the back, ha . joke). Apparently, these two shops are related and really serve good chapati.

I took a chapati, a slice of curry tenggiri fish and supplemented with thick daal gravy (normally you will get watery gravy from typical mamak shop). This meal cost me exactly RM4.00 including a glass of Nescafe 'O' kurang manis. Chapati is definitely a good and healthy food, no oil, highly recommended for those having heart ailment, high cholesterol, etc, etc. and 100% HEALTHIER than Bak Kut Teh.

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