Thursday, September 17, 2009

323 Seafood Restaurant @ Pantai Bersih, Butterworth

It was a breezy day at the seaside of Bagan (Butterworth) I remember as a small boy I used to stay here for a short while at “Sah Luck Kow ” (369) a shop by the name “Boon Company”. Memory memory memory......
I felt wonderful seeing the high tide waves hitting the shore with the cooling breeze.
Penang Island is just across the sea.

The restauarant at the sea side.
Now I see 323. It is not Mazda 323 or Mazda3 but 323 Seafood at Pantai Bersih, Butterworth. Kok Seng, our business associate brought us here.

Steamed Clam (lala) with lots of garlic, ginger and chilli padi. The gravy was real good and the clams were perfectly fresh. It was very delicious indeed.

Steamed Grouper fish head with similar ingredients as the Lala was also very delicious. I had a wonderful lunch at the beach of Butterworth I have never dreamt of doing this @ Butterworth.

The recommended Fried ToFu was not so enjoyable maybe it was too dry for me.

Tapioca leaves fried with sambal & small shrimps was as good.
323 Seafood Restaurant
Pantai Bersih,
GPS : 5.442010, 100.378529

Close on Tuesday
Pricing is reasonable.


Anonymous said...

how bersih was the beach anyway? :)
i like lala cooked this way, preserving its natural sweetness.

ck lam said...

The food looks good too..will visit this place soon. Last trip in Pantai Bersih, I went to the nearby Lobster Village Seafood Restaurant.

worldwindows said...

Good food. You must be travelling up and down NSE like crazy!

hApPy HaPpY said...

J2Kfm - it was high tide saw no beach.. but lala was great.
CK Lam - good luck. How was Lobster VSR visit...
WW- just so happen that this week I have been travelling extra miles.

Have a GREAT weekend & holidys ahead..

Yyi-Kai said...

The food is very expensive, not delicious, not fresh...the service very poor...the cashier is dis-honest!!!!!
7 dishes--RM129.00