Friday, September 25, 2009

Tai Chow @ New Grand View, Taman S.E.A.

Another restaurant with the name Grand View but this one with the word "new", New Grand View in Taman S.E.A. the previous one was at Bukit Tinggi Village, Pahang.
It was the eve of Hari Raya Puasa, we visited my FIL in SS2 and went for dinner at New Grand View Restaurant, Taman S.E.A.

Japanese Snails fried with chilli padi, onions, and small dry shrimps was Jo’s pick of the night. It was fabulous and juicy.

Steamed Garoupa fish with soya sauce was yummy.

Har Cheong Pork Ribs was again my boys’ favourite, Zu Yi was in the mood for more Pai Kut after finishing it. Sorry son, enough of Pai Kut for the night. He gave a rating of 9/10 for these juicy pork ribs.

Fried chicken looks better than Har Cheong PaiKut, but the rating does not look as good, it was only 5/10 from the meat eaters.

Stir fried lettuce.

I ordered an additional dish, last one to make sure Xiang Yi got no complaint of not being full after this dinner. A mere plate of fried beehoon with 2 crabs has accomplished the work. It was delicious. I tell you my growing Xiang Yi can really eat, I hope he watches his diet. In Melbourne, parent could be jailed for causing their children to be obese. Fortunately that for parents in Melbourne not in Malaysia if not see me in prison…..
Restoran New Grand View
44 Jalan SS23/11
Taman SEA

GPS : 3.117941, 101.612951


foodbin said...

like the bee hoon crabs.

thenomadGourmand said...

ohhh...crabs baked with rice, fried with bee hoon...the fragrant and infused flavour is sure hard to beat!

ck lam said...

The plate of Japanese Snail looks interesting.

Sin Tai Lim said...

FB - beehoon crab is sure winner.
TNG - guess good crabs with anything is always gooood.
CK Lam- not only looks good but taste wonderful...