Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Detour to Panchor for a Taste of Succulent Prawns

A short detour to Panchor, a small village not too far away from Muar but it seems remote and isolated. I don't know why but it was an interesting experience though.

Once upon a time there is this river called Muar River where the people of Panchor catch the prawns and Patin fishes in this river for you.

The shops are all constructed of timber probably built nearly ¾ to a century ago (my guess) and surprisingly they are still strong and steady. Han Thoy Restaurant is housed in this old double storey timber building where the cooking is all done here for you.

The magical prawns deep fried with salt were fresh, succulent and juicy. A must try dish in Han Thoy Restaurant. Don’t ever forget this magical dish.

Something like Penang Jiu Hu Eng Chai but this one is served with peanut sauce (or satay sauce) instead of the sweet gravy & chilli sauce and you will also find a piece of soft and spongy TowPok underneath the Kang Kong & Cuttlefish.

Closer look of the KangKong and Cuttlefish.

This fried Beehoon is something like Hokkien fried noodle in K.L. This is also a popular dish commonly seen in most tables. It is nothing spectacular but palatable.

I would like to thank http://j-travel.blogspot.com/ for initiating our effort to visit this place. We reached this place after the lunch hour but there were still a couple of tables with customers, there were even Japanese customers patronizing this remote shop in Panchor (you see how popular is this place).

Panchor is near the Pagoh Toll, you might like to try this place if you happened to be around Pagoh Toll in future. I bet you that you will not regret making a trip there.

It seems that the timber members are jointed using tongue & groove method, you don’t see any bolts or nuts, an amazing construction method which you do not see these days and the timber used is definitely Grade “A”.
Han Thoy Restaurant
Lorong Said
GPS : N02°10.358' E102°42.761'


worldwindows said...

The Yau Yee Ong Choi - have not had it for a long time and the prawns - salivate.

Robo said...

You are welcome! :)

hApPy HaPpY said...

WW - at least we are able to salivate, happy salivating ha hahaha...

Robo - thanks again and have a good day.