Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tai Chow @ Restoran Choon Yien, Sec 17 Petaling Jaya

There are so much talks and blogs on Restoran Choon Yien of Section 17, Petaling Jaya on James’s Char Siew Rice. But do you know that in the evening at the same shop they do serve simple Tai Chow dishes which are as yummy as the daytime food and it’s indeed worthy for a try. Though the evening crowd is quieter but it is definitely a nice place to eat.

Deep fried Red Snapper with Thai Style dressing of freshly cut serai, onions, parsley and chilli padi. Great dish.

This plate of stir fried Leek together with local tofu, roasted pork, prawns was very delicious. It always reminds me of my late Dad when eating this dish. His all time favourite.

Another lovely vegetable dish of bitter gourd fried with chicken.

We enjoy sitting outside the shop that evening. It was breezy and we enjoyed the Tai Chow and also the Skol Beer.

This is just opposite 6 to 10 Nasi Lemak & Grill and My Elephant is also nearby. Car parking is easy and free.
Restoran Choon Yien
CG-1, Happy Mansion Apartments
Petaling Jaya

GPS Coordinates : N3 07.364 E101 38.073


Anonymous said...
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worldwindows said...

Leeks, roast pork and tofu has a soft spot with the older generation. My father and I enjoyed this very much.