Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dry Rice Noodle with Chilli sauce @ 99 Hawker Center, Muar

99 Hawker Centre is a food court found in Jalan Sakeh (near Taman Sri Emas) Muar, this is my first time here. Instead of using dark soya sauce for the dry noodle (Kon Loh) this one uses chilli sauce. The rice noodle is of broad Koay Teow (or Hor Fun), was smooth and soft. With a few pieces of small light coloured Char Siew of Muar and some lard to make it tastier.

As for the soup, it comes with 2 bouncy and average size fish balls, slices of fish cakes with vegetables, preserved vegetable and seaweeds. The soup was tasty and all these for RM2.50. I don’t think you can get a bowl of noodle now in KL for RM2.50…

2.054679, 102.585461 (approximate)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah, RM2.50 gets you nothing.
except popiah maybe.
or the occasional roti or two.