Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yu Yee Porridge @ Segambut Dalam

A morning here at Segambut for a meal of hot and plain rice porridge just like the coolies used to eat during the olden days at the road side near their work place. They would be squatting on a bench in front of the porridge stall enjoying their meals.
And I am enjoying the same type of porridge found in Yu Yee restaurant @ Segambut Dalam. Today, this meal costs me RM7.00 probably during the olden days it would be only 7 cents.

1 bowl plain porridge + pig intestines + soya sauce meat = RM7.00

The chewy pig intestine goes very well with the plain and hot porridge.

The Soya Sauce pork Meat....

Restoran Yu Yee
Segambut Dalam
Kuala Lumpur
GPS location : 3.182710, 101.677890

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