Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1st Dinner @ Haikou City 海口, Hainan Island 海南, China

This is our first dinner in Haikou City 海口 and we were brought to this Ai Wan Ting Restaurant 爱晚亭.

This is an interesting dish a mixture of braised beef stomach (nice looking honeycomb), tongue, duck wings, gizzard and tofu at the bottom.

Char Siu was delicious but not as sweet and sticky as those found in the land of Malaysia.

Our buddies love to eat, drink and chat. After finishing the Tour’s dinner we ordered for more two dishes (braised dish & Char Siu). What a way to enjoy our holiday.

Hainanese Chicken just likes the one we have it in Malaysia, as good and yummy…

This dish is another interesting & delicious cuisine, I thought it was pork belly and attractive looking pig intestine. It was not pig intestine but soya bean strips nicely prepared.

Steamed flower crabs with pounded ginger. The rest of the dishes are nothing really special.
Aiwanting Restaurant
Haikou Golden Dragon Food Street
Tel : (0898) 8535241
Cuisine : Xiang Dishes
After the dinner we adjourned to Baohua Harbour View Hotel. Checking into the hotel required your body temperature to be recorded before you can get your room key. Then it’s time to finish our quota of whiskey of the day.

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