Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Game of Golf @ Clearwater Sanctuary Resort

Our final game @ Clearwater Sanctuary Resort, a golf course voted as the Best Golf Course in Malaysia for at least for twice. And the weather for the day was perfect maybe too hot at the ending part.

The icon of Clearwater Sanctuary Resort in front of the Club House. Some kind of metal monster left behind by some tin miners many years back in Batu Gajah.

Lee Siew Wah @ the 1st Tee Box executing his steady drive.

Golfers getting prepared and were eager to tee off as soon as possible.

The Group Photo of this memorable visit.

Paul & Mother Maryanne on the same buggy.

Jimmy & Siew Wah 2 old buddies sharing a buggy together.

Boon & Aik Seong, I am sure there were lots of fun with Boon around.

Ong Guat Cheng with CC Ng. They have a lot to chat while playing.

The Organiser Francis with Flight No.1 Maryanne, Paul, Lee Siew Wah & Jimmy Lim.

My flight with Jan Chan, CC Ng and Ong Guat Cheng.

The last flight of Boon, Aik Seong, Sylvester San and Francis Yeoh.

A typical metallic distance indicator of Clearwater Sanctuary Resort.

Huge mining pools all over the golf course with plentiful of lotus flowers.

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Julian Si said...

Not been there, but looks great! Cheers for sharing...