Sunday, February 14, 2010

Autum at Harvard, Gurun, Kedah

After all the massive eating, it was a good idea to play golf on the first day of Chinese New Year at Harvard Golf & Country Club at Gurun, Kedah. And welcome to Harvard.

It was like autumn in Kedah, how lovely and it brings me memory of my younger years in Kulim during this dry season.

The weather was scorching hot and dry, there was only a few flights of golfers on the 1st Day of Chinese New Year, “ini orang semua tidak raya Hari Raya Cina kah? awal awal sudah main golf”

This is a scene of Harvard so beautiful in a rubber plantation in Northern Peninsular Malaysia.

We played sixes and Chua going for the money at the putting green.

Chua has becomes my regular companion for CNY golf in Sg. Petani. He has improved tremendously and here he is seen relaxing at his buggy.

Walter Yap, a serious and good golfer from Kuala Lumpur met us up at Harvard for this wonderful round of golf. I think he makes a living out of golf, construction is only his hobby.

My brother Yong Lim was at the fairway getting ready to strike the ball and going for a regulation on.

He played pretty well even though he has laid off golf for the last 7 months and has started a new craze, mountain biking.
Harvard Golf & Country Club
Bedong, Kedah
GPS : 5.763955,100.509496

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