Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lunch at a River Side @ Restoran Riverview Small Village, Jalan Ipoh, KL

This is my first time visiting this eatery place located at the 4th Mile of Jalan Ipoh and hidden next to Batu River. If you are coming from City centre you will pass by Komplek Mutiara on the left and further up on the left you will see a Petronas Petrol Station where you will have to turn left into Jalan Cenderuh 2. You will see a college by the name of Kolej Jaya Bakti. It is sited in between the college (shop houses) and the river (Sg. Batu). Car parking could be a problem it would be a good idea to car pool when visiting this place.

The place was already 90% packed with people when we arrived for lunch and it is a temporary building with water mist blowing around the front of the building. It was a good thing to do especially during this spell of hot weather.

Heng Wah Noodle fried with prawns, meat and topping with fried eggs, dry sea weeds and ground nuts was fantastic. We enjoyed this first dish very much.

One of Riverview specialties is this Deep fried fish, “Mak Yau Yee” flooded with salted vegetable gravy. We found that the fish was not crispy enough to please our bites. A little bit crisper would be lovely.

Fried local Tofu in cubes with minced meat gravy over it was also delicious.

Braised Pork Trotter with sea cucumber, black moss fungus, mushroom and a bit of vegetables was delicious but sinful.

A bowl of spinach soup on a hot weather was a good choice.

Restoran Riverview Small Village

GPS : 3.195262,101.678724


SimpleGirl said...

the mau yau is nice if I have a bowl of porridge

Me! Mandy said...

i stay at batu 5 havent go there eat b4 heheh

Sin Tai Lim said...

SimpleGirl - sound like Teochew porridge & of course it's good.

Mandy - so when are you going there? Have a good time.

Steven Goh said...

The Heng Wah Mee looks very unique. Noodle with peanut and also weed kinda very different from usual food. I would try that out if got chance.

Sin Tai Lim said...

StevenGoh - There is another restaurant selling similar noodle along Ipoh Road too. Restaurant Million is the name of the place.

ღ♥~Şusąn~♥ღ said...

i hv been there b4.. it really taste..