Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Special Dish @ Pak Thong, Kepong

Calvin Soh made this special reservation with Kow Kia for a wonderful dinner at Pak Thong, Kepong Baru. Besides Kow Kia’s usual dishes which you can see them at here and here, I like to highlight 3 great dishes of the night and they were a duck dish, a prawn dish and Kow Kia’s popular braised knuckle.

This is the pot of marvel, something like a Bak Kut Teh, this duck has been well stewed with 10 kind of herbs. A soup that was awesome, black in colour, strong herbal taste and aroma and good medicinal value.

Just look at AS Lee’s drum stick. Isn’t it appealing….

Duck wing for me with lot of soup, I love it. And the knuckle with thick and rubbery skin was interesting, a great dish to savour…

Big prawn in dark soya sauce was delicious, it was fresh, succulent and juicy.
Braised pork knuckle another Kow Kia's specialty gorgeous and yummy, you can get it everyday at this place.

Kow Kia serving his duck cuisine to us for a table of 14 people.

Pak Thong
Off Jalan Ambong,
Kepong Baru.
Call Kow Kia's h/p no: 016-296-8700
GPS : 3.210334, 101.645470


thenomadGourmand said...

Just came back frm Kepong!An unfamiliar territory i tell u! But the ice kacng was good!

Duck & pork knuckles..ok ok..time to head to Kepong again!

Sin Tai Lim said...

thenomadGourmand - tell me more of the ice kacang...