Sunday, February 07, 2010

Oink Oink Run 2 - Sao Kong Chow Golf Game

Chinese New Year is approaching and before the roaring Tiger comes out, friends of Titiwangsa have been looking forward playing this Oink Oink Run 2 in KGT PDRM. This golf game cum dinner is supposed to wrap up 2009 for the good fellowship we had in Kelab Titiwangsa also known as the “Sao Kong Chow”. We had our previous Oink Oink affair about 2 months back which can be seen here…..and due to the popular demand we are back with it again.

This round the response was overwhelming from originally 4 flights we have increased it to 5 flights and could not accommodate any more as we were only playing 9 holes with limited time in the evening despite there were some more names in the standby list.

The only flight with a photo taken the rest of the players was already on the course when I arrived. And they are Johnson, Ravi, K.L. Wong and Tim Wang.
My serious partner, Danny Chan was perfecting his putts (of course for dough). Our friendly opponents Cheong Koon Kock & A.S. Lee gave us a good fight till the last hole. It was an interesting fight indeed with some miraculous shots just like those seen in T.V.

The Sultan of Swings – Tim Wang & the Piggie Man executing a different kind of swing.
The dinner was held at Yeaw Seng Kok’s house @ Ukay Perdana.

Teng Sir and myself posing with the Roast Pig before the chopper is being laid into it.

It has become a tradition to usher the coming Chinese New Year with Yee Sang as in most dinner or lunch in Malaysia. It is a practice that we would ask for all kind of good things to come for the New Year.

Part of the roast pig was used for this delicious soup, it is a kind of sour soup but yummy. Friends at the lovely lawn of Seng Kok.

And part of it into this big pot of porridge which we had it for supper. Michael Yik was enjoying himself from the game to this bowl of fantastic porridge.
We wish to thank Seng Kok, his wife and son for hosting this memorable evening at their house and the wonderful food we had for the evening.


Steven Goh said...

well, this oink can really last for a week for good meal. Nice

Tarts and Pies said...

Happy Chinese New Year

Sin Tai Lim said...

steven gOH - cHINESE believes that any creatures with back facing the sun can be eaten. And the big pig of course can last a while if not many is eating...

Tarts & Pies - Kong Hee Fatt Chye...

蒜泥白肉Lynn said...
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