Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nam Chun Coffee Shop @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Nam Chun Coffee Shop is near a wet market at Lucky Garden, Bangsar and it is always filled with customers in the early morning. I like to sit at the outside of the shop as the morning weather is just perfect for a Malaysian road side café fiesta….

This shop has many eatery stalls and the following dishes have been savoured and found to be good.

Aunt Christina’s Sarawak Laksa has been featured in many blogs and newspapers. I am new to Sarawak Laksa and I love it especially the gravy it’s different from our Peninsular curry laksa both its noodles & gravy. The Sarawak noodle is kind of a bloated Beehoon and the gravy is interestingly tangy. The prawns were fresh with other ingredients like shredded egg & chicken meat. At last I to got to taste a noodle from Kuching which many say that Christina's is close to the original in Kuching…. Definitely a thumb up for this Sarawak mee.

KL Wong ordered this Char Koay Teow and he loves it. He enjoyed the CKT with its crunchy and juicy Taugeh.

I have also tried Nam Chun’s local Curry Laksa a month ago and it was equally good and delicious, the gravy is strong and tasty. For extra oomph add this into the bowl of curry laksa.

Kedai Makanan Nam Chun

2-4, Lorong Ara Kiri,
Lucky Garden,
GPS: 3.127798 101.670532


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Wow, u always have a lot of yummy yummy foods lobang, i go KL, i gonna look for u, whahahaha....

Sin Tai Lim said...

SomewhereinSingapore- you r welcome...