Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reunion Dinner, Penang

This year we were fortunate to have our dinner in my mother’s place in Bandar Baru Air Itam. For the last few years we were eating out at commercial places. Eating at commercial places was always frustrating issues like bad service, quality of food and such dinners or sometime lunches that come in shifts. It’s a choice of 7pm meal or 9pm meal you only have only 2 hours on the dining table and after that you got to move your ass. That’s commercial meal for a reunion dinner and it’s definitely no fun. The only good thing about it is that you cut off the hassle of the preparation of the dinner and the tedious cleaning after the dinner.

We always enjoy our steam boat dinner and mum always over prepared. It probably to take us a few days to finish all the food she prepared. Maybe it’s her strategy to get us stay at her place longer and a good time to feed us during this festive season. She enjoys feeding us like all mums. We enjoy having at home especially my boys, they missed grand mom’s cooking.

Happy Chinese New Year.
May the Year of the Tiger bring us good fortune and good health.

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