Friday, April 23, 2010

Chicken Rice @ Jalan Tiong Hawker Centre, Ipoh Road, K.L.

Do you mind having Chicken Rice for breakfast? Sometimes it is a problem to decide what to eat for breakfast especially when we are always on the move. This stall is located at 3rd Miles of Ipoh Road which serves Chicken Rice with a character.

It is actually a linear Food Court and this stall is at the extreme end facing a brownish high rise building called “Wisma Pengkalan”.
Judging from the number of chickens and pork meat hanging at the stall will tell you that this stall is enjoying good business and at that particular time they were busy preparing and getting ready for another busy day.

The rice served is different from others, the rice has some stained grains which looks like “re-cycled” rice. I do not know what the stain is, may be someone can enlighten me on this. The chilli sauce is also different not that reddish with chilli but more garlic colour in content. The sauce is awesome indeed.

Poached chicken was succulent and tasty but the Char Siew was a bit hard & dry coated with sweet sauce.

I like soup and always on the look out for the type of soup whenever I eat Chicken Rice. This time was a “Ham Choy Thong” salted veggie soup with tomato & chicken feet. I asked for a refill as usual……

Food Court
Jalan Tiong (Off 3rd Miles Ipoh Road)
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.182585,101.68157


foodbin said...

used to pass by this stall-now i know they served good chicken rice.

Anonymous said...

Hum Choy Tong is my favourite soup after ABC. Chicken rice for breakfast? Can... but have to skip lunch and dinner after breakfast.

Sin Tai Lim said...

foodbin - how about trying the food there and blog it.

tarts-and-pies - wah jaga badan leh...