Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Nee 芋泥 the Great Yam Dessert @ Heong Kee Seafood, Selayang Jaya

Mum is staying with us in KL and Sunday is a day she will not cook for us and I have to bring my family out for dinner. Being from a Teochew family I thought I would bring mum & the family for something Teochew. I thought of Oh Nee (芋泥), a rare & great Teochew dessert and know of a place that serves good Oh Nee.

This is the place, Restoran Heong Kee Seafood located at Selayang Jaya 1. It was crowded with patrons both at the outside and the inside of the shop.
Curry Fish Head was spicy and delicious. Not that coconut milky but just right for the taste buds.

LaLa clam soup with wine was also interesting despite that the clams were small in size.

Stir fried Kangkong does not look as good as those we had in Phuket but that is Malaysian Morning Glory.

Mongolian Pork Rib tasted good with pepper flavour and juicy.

Tofu with minced pork meat was a favourite for my boys. Zuyi love his concoction of this dish, a bit of curry and the white rice.

Oh Nee, a Yam dessert with gingko nuts on top that requires substantiate time to prepare before it is served. It was worth a while to wait and it was superbly delicious. RM15.00 for this bowl of Oh Nee.

This was the crowd at the outside of the shop.

We enjoyed all these dishes, they were wonderful and a worthy trip indeed.

Restoran Heong Kee Seafood
33 Jalan SJ 1
Taman Selayang Jaya,
Batu Caves 52100
Tel : 03-6137-1098

GPS : 3.238287,101.651057


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Yes... always need to wait for the oh nee after you order as they need to steam it. lol yum! yum!

Sin Tai Lim said...

FoodPradise - You r right.it's yummy....