Monday, April 12, 2010

Ugly Side of Leng Aun Koe Columbarium, Penang

清明節, It is Qingming Festival again.

And it’s time to pay respect to my Dad the traditional way.

Leng Aun Koe Columbarium is full of litter and rubbish at every corner. It is either the people of Penang do not care or the people running this place do not care.
Penang is always synonymous with litter & rubbish. When can Penang come out clean from this image?
I have just come back from my 2nd Cheng Beng at Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur. The columbarium in KL is definitely cleaner than the one I saw in Penang a week ago. Every time when I go back to Penang for Cheng Beng I would be greeted with this ugly sight.

United Hokkien Cemeteries Funeral Parlour
Leng Aun Koe Columbarium
Jalan Batu Gantung

GPS : 5.413103,100.294265

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