Thursday, April 01, 2010

Golf @ Phuket Country Club - 1st 18 Holes

Wake up early in the morning searching for food. There was still remnant of people still partying at such a wee hour at the street of Patong.
Braised chicken with broad koay teow and glass nooodle.

Our ultimate aim to visit Phuket has finally come at Phuket Country Club. It was our first round of golf at this fantastic golf course the weather was wonderful despite it was very hot and humid with a temperature of 33° Celsius.

A group photo for remembrance at the first tee box.

This is a wonderful signature hole of PCC with a great scenic view of a Par 3 island green.
Jan Chan emerged Champion with a Stableford score of 40 followed by myself (39 points) and AS Lee with 38 points.
We also had a good and interesting side bet within my flight, we played sixes and AS Lee took all the money.

The weather was so humid we had to drink lot of water plus a couple of beers. It was a great day walking 18 holes and a good exercise indeed. Our bodies were so tired and need a good massage .

Some of the photos of the day…..

Phuket Country Club
Phuket Island
GPS : 7.893394,98.343129


PerutBesi said...

U went there just for golf?? Ur trip sounds so relaxing & fun...I wanna go on a holiday too!!!

Sin Tai Lim said...

PerutBesi - Yeah Nothing but golf, no sightseeing but lot of makan ....