Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Curry Laksa @ Restoran Asia, Rahang, Negeri Sembilan

This must be an old eatery place everything here is old, the shop is old, the signboard is old, the stall is old and the people serving the food is old too. I think this shop carries a long history of serving this wonderful Curry Laksa. The shop faces a Post Office (Rahang Post Office) and it is a good landmark for you if you are trying to find this place.
The business was brisk with customers packed till to the corridor of the shop. That tells how famous this noodle here is.

The noodle comes with a tasty curry gravy, bean sprouts, dry Tofu (Tau Pok), “see ham” (cockles) and curry chicken.
The Tau Pok here is denser than those in Kuala Lumpur. I think the KL producers are short changing us (lot of voids in KL Tau Pok). Over here you can get a good taste of a good Tau Pok. Why can’t we get such a quality in Kuala Lumpur?

This cup of black Hainanese coffee is tasty and blended perfectly with the taste of curry laksa. My friend took 2 cups of this irresistible black coffee.

I like it spicy and added extra chilli paste. It was truly an interesting breakfast in this small town called Rahang.

Restoran Asia
Jalan Semarak 2
Off Jalan Tok Ungku, Rahang,
Negeri Sembilan

GPS : 2.702419,101.954149
Apparently, there is another Restoran Asia in Senawang and the curry laksa is as good if not better. We shall see that in the distance future. Till then, long live the great curry laksa.


nadz said...

Hi sir, Actually I love curry laksa also...

Sin Tai Lim said...

nadz - good we have common taste. Any good food at your area to recommend.

ynf said...

Hi! Another sister's Restoran Asia located at Senawang test much better. Here's the coordinates: E101 59.0, N2 41.448. Remember to add extra Yong Tao Fu.

Sin Tai Lim said...

ynf - I actually found this other shop on the same day but tummy already full maybe will try on my next trip. Thanks anyway.