Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Phunaka Golf Club, Phuket

Another day of walking and this will be our last 18 holes for the trip. This time we were playing at a relatively new course at Phunaka Golf, about a year old or so. This would probably the cheapest place to play golf in Phuket. It is a 9 holes course with 6 Par 3, 1 Par 5 and 2 Par 4.

We had to walk 2 rounds to complete the 18 holes mission. It is a beautiful golf course, prominently next to a big and newly constructed Wat (Siamese Temple). The weather was the best among the 3 days we played.

Out of the 8 golfers, two have absconded after taking the pool money. The nosiest golfer was one of them and we had a reasonably quiet game without him….. Here is the first flight in actions.

And I was on the second flight testing Phunaka Golf Course leisurely. It was a good day for golf even though it is a short course but came in perfectly for our tired body.

And we finally accomplished our mission of walking 54 holes in 3 days consecutively in 3 different courses in the island of Phuket. Bravo!!!

Phunaka Golf
GPS : 7.896606, 98.300549

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