Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bamboo Inn @ Jalan 5 Jalan Chan Sow Lin, K,L,

When we speak about food in Sg. Besi in Kuala Lumpur we would associate it with Steam Fish Head and there are a couple of stalls found at Jalan 3 and Jalan 5 …. Let me bring you to Jalan 5’s Bamboo Inn Restaurant.
It is located next to China Press and just before a bridge.

Curry pork ribs with potatoes was so appetising that you could just eat it solely with a plate of plain rice and that could already complete a wonderful meal.

This is their signature dish of Bamboo Inn, Steamed Fish Head in “Cheong Cheng" style – steamed with preserved bean paste.

Stir fried veggie (Tong Er) for a balance meal.

Kum Heong fried La La clams..
All these dishes including a free bowl of ABC soup for RM60 plus.

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Me! Mandy said...

kum heong fried la la....mmmmm yummy!! i love it much much much