Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chulia / Beach Street Beef Soup @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop

We reached the coffee shop at the nick of time, just before closing time (4.30pm) and I was glad we made it for my friends to savour such wonderful beef soup in Penang and never can you find such wonder in Klang Valley.

It is located at the junction of Chulia Street and Beach Street and directly opposite a Fire Station. You can never miss it.

As I blog this post at home in KL, I swallowed my saliva thinking of the soup.

Super duper soup lah must try the next time you are in Penang.

This Beef Soup stall is my No.1 favourite stall. I brought six people to taste & verify the fantastic quality of beef soup here.

This is the young proprietor of the Beef Soup @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop.

At the cooking bench where she prepare her master creation for us.

Jimmy & the Ladies were awaiting me to finish up my photography so that they can start eating.

Boon the eating monster had no time to talk he was concentrating on his beef soup.

All of them loved it, mind you, they just had lunch at Seaview Restaurant 2 hours ago and yet they enjoyed the soup here. That’s how good the soup here.

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